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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 5, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at oakland city hall where there are several protesters here but many of their colleagues are waking up in jail this morning after a raid by oakland police last night. i'll tell you why in a live report. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in concord. some residents say the bad smell is back! they say this is no way to live. they are sick of it. they want it to go away. and they want some answers. good morning i'm mike nicco. off to a clear start. a little fog in the north bay valleys. big waves coming our way. i'll tell you when the rip currents will develop. so far, so good, no problems right now at the bay bridge toll. 5:00 on this thursday, good morning, thank you for
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starting your day with us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. in oakland, a number of protesters with were hauled off to jail when police moved in to knock down their latest encampment, following a dispute over a teepee erected in frank ogawa plaza. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: police are saying several protesters were arrested. the protesters out here this morning are telling me it was 20 within protesters arrested last night when police -- 21 processors arrested last night when police moved in. here's what it looked like. >> you have to leave or go to jail this is our zone right now. you can go away from us, but we are right here, right now. >> reporter: that video provided to us by occupy oakland. the protesters are saying the police came out about a dozen squad cars, officers got out in riot gear gave them the warning they were here
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illegally, that the teepee shouldn't be here. some heeded the message. according to the protesters 21 were hauled off to jail. this is not the first encounter with police by occupy protesters. that in a minute. this morning i had a chance to talk to one of the protesters about what the message is now going forward. >> i don't speak for the whole occupy oakland, i speak only for myself. and i think we are starting to get out the point that the system is corrupt. and it is time that we change that. more and more people are starting to realize that this american dream that they live in is really an american nightmare. >> reporter: a month ago occupy oakland protesters received a permit from the city to set up this teepee up at 6:00 in the morning had to come down at 10:00 at night you couldn't sleep, serve food, set up a take next to it.
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according to the city protesters did after those things. there was a confrontation in october, police swiped out the tents, it happened again in november. then came the permit, then the teepee now the teepee is gone the city says, no more of that. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. an east bay residential neighborhood is waking to a foul smell again. the horrible odor first in november traced back to a leaky oil pipeline on the concord naval weapons station. amy hollyfield is live in the area. how bad is it? >> reporter: not too bad this morning. it dies down overnight, i think. this morning we are not detecting it. what is still here is a feeling of unease and lots of questions. the residents are now being told that the oil that has leaked may have spread to private property may have migrated under property and homes coming from the county
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haz-mat crews. residents say the smell has been unbearable recently. they receive add automate call from conoco phillips. the -- recording explained the smell is coming from a nearby pipeline. crews have been excavating looking for possible leaks. residents say when the crews move the dirt it really stinks. >> i'm still dealing with the cough and sinus infection and the headaches from the initial one. >> e-mail them they don't do nothing. they really don't. >> reporter: initial one she mentioned was in november when the smell first surfaced. it was so all then many stayed with families, somewhere else or -- i was so awful then that many stayed with families, somewhere else, hotels. a publish nuisance violation was issued to conoco phillips in november.
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conoco phillips towed us by phone they've been doing some maintenance work -- they would get back us to with more details that was yesterday we are still waiting to hear from them. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:05. this morning, a 90-year-old man and a burglary suspect are both in stable condition at marin general. investigators say the elderly man shot 30-year-old man three times after the suspect broke into his greenbrae home yesterday morning. police say the suspect fired back and shot the homeowner, jay leone in the face. he's a former law enforcement agent and world war ii vet physically fit and does not look 90-years-old. his roommate says she is not surprised that her friend shot the intruder. >> i was concerned about safety and he said, don't worry about it. i have a gun and i'm the best shooter. if somebody comes in, trust me,
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he -- [ inaudible ] >> suspect took off in a car call 911 less than a mile from the home. investigators say he claimed he needed a medic after shooting himself. oakland police want you to look at a sketch of a man accused of trying to kidnap a child. police say a 9-year-old boy was fixing his skateboard in front of his house when the man offered him candy and tried to lure him into a vehicle december 26th, on arrowhead . the boy locked himself inside his garage until the man left. morgan hill police are issuing what seems to be an obvious warning, keep your doors and windows locked. the burglar suspected of breaking into a number of homes on san ramon drive west of highway 101, the burglaries happen late in the morning or early in the afternoon. witnesses describe the burglar man in his late teens, early
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20s, 5'6 to 5'9 tattoos on his hands and forearms. petaluma investigators suspect an arsonist torched three big rigs at a fedex yard early yesterday morning destroyed three vehicles each worth $20,000. the fire mar shl says there is no indication a terminated -- worker might have started the fire. no packages burned, 60 gallons of diesel linked into a storm drain. pg&e will conduct an inspection following a fire that [ inaudible ] latest in a series of power ought damages three in the last month. crews are using infrared devices to search for weaknesses in powerlines. san francisco's first ever hispanic district already sworn in. george cast again was appointed d.a. -- george gas
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gone was pined d.a. a year ago. since then he was elected to a four year term he will take the oath at 5:00 this afternoon. san jose mayor and city council members want a measure on the june ballot to reduce retirement benefits for new employees and require current workers to pay more toward pensions. the mayor wants city leaders to cut their own pensions too. last night the committee unanimously approved the proposal to consider steps ending a pension plan for the mayor and city council members. san jose is nation 11th straight budget shortfall officials say employee pay and benefits continue to be higher than city revenues. just a couple days from the weekend. what do you say we get a look at the forecast. >> it doesn't look as foggy. >> it is not. isolated yesterday and again today nothing like what we had
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a couple mornings ago. novato half mile visible, santa rosa improved to two, napa five. everybody else pretty much unlimited. we have 39 mountain view and live more mid to upper 30s north bay valleys into fairfield everybody else low to mid 40s exception oakland and san francisco upper 40s cold front passing to our north dry here rain portland up to seattle pushing record warm air mass farther to the east and south that's why it will be harder today to reach record highs still very mild with high clouds and sunshine and low to mid 60s in most neighborhoods could hit 67 in livermore, 65 san jose, 63 oakland, palo alto, antioch and napa, 60 is f, richmond and half moon bay. -- 60 san francisco, richmond and half moon bay.
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dangerous rip currents will be out in our oceans. dry through wednesday. good morning. we start off with a few live shots san francisco bridge no problems across the span roadwork eastbound on the dunbarton bridge until 6:00, normal overnight roadwork not causing a problem. south bay 280 and 17 interchange, headlights on northbound 280 highway 17 across your screen roadwork scheduled on highway 17 between summit and bear creek until 6:00 this morning. that's possibly in both directions as well. also, if you are heading towards highway 4, westbound is fine. eastbound there's some roadwork from leverage to summersville freeway closure -- detours in place for the next 20 minutes. 5:10.
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>> tens of thousands with tens of thousands more to come, next teen summer jobs program president obama will unveil today. gearing up for the next state budget battle. why one local lawmaker says it could split sacramento more. the hottest job in silicon valley and the search for the next killer app.
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[ boy ] with box tops for education, you can now earn even more cash for your school with two box tops on brands like old el paso, go-gurt, and green giant. look for specially marked packages in stores now! to earn box tops for education, with eboxtops™. shop at safeway through january 17th, buy five qualifying products and get 20 bonus eboxtops™ that you can redeem online. earn more and learn more at two ways to earn dot com. president obama set to announce a summer jobs' plan today for teenagers.
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the white house has received commitments from the private sector for 180,000 youth job opportunities for next summer and is aiming for tens of thousands more many positions will be unpaid training opportunities. the president says with the young people today facing record unemployment the government must do everything it can to make sure they have a chance to learn skills and a work it they can. -- work ethic. >> 13 billion dollars in the red, the state already made a billion dollars worth of emergency cuts last month. next year's budget which the governor will present next week relies on seven billions in tax increases that voters will have to approve. >> i think the votesers -- voters are going to be less receptive to fund a broken government than the republicans were. >> democrats need voters to approve any tax increase republicans in both houses are refusing to do so.
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one local politician is bracing for the upcoming budget battle. gentleman i don't see any of the dynamics -- >> i don't see any of the dynamics changing to opposition of increased revenue. i do see as a democrat i am going to be called upon to do more cuts, not happy about that. >> some recent polls find voters are will to pass a temporary half cent sales tax and higher income tax on the wealthy. sonoma bore has to decide -- -- election officials say the board will decide -- repeal smart wants a quarter cent sales tax repealed voters approved the original project that call for a 70 mile train pass because of -- [ unintelligible ] 5:15. owners of new smartphones and
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tablets downloaded a record-breaking 1.3 billion apps the week after christmas a mother lode for all those app developers in sill con -- silicon valley. >> reporter: no one knows how many app developers work in silicon valley but it is in the thousands. michael is working on his first that plays music on the ipad. >> you can make a good living if you get the killer app which everybody wants. that's tricky and not easy to do. >> reporter: there are hundreds of thousands of apps available for smartphones and tablets only a handful of killer apps. many focus on apps for learning and sharing information it is now global in multiple languages. >> a lot of countries have bypassed the web and pc and have gone straight to the
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smartphone. >> reporter: tim mass about a dozen apps in the apple app store he's working on several new ones including a multi-player slot machine for the ipad. >> i think the sense the gold rush has passed. but at the same time, there are so many problems that you see in the world that waiting to be solved with apps. >> reporter: app development competition is getting fierce. >> it is getting much more competitive over 500,000 apps in the itunes app store. it is a challenge. i think there's also still a lot of opportunity. >> reporter: bill a start-up veteran whose latest a p is color would like to see developers do their own start-ups. -- >> i hope they try to bill something. even if they don't make it they will learn so much more about what the phone means to change our lives. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news.
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apple is bringing in the new year by putting new iphone 4s on the world map. 22 countries will get the latest iphone. china with an estimated one billion cell phone users will get the device january 13th. apple says sometime this year the iphone 4s in china will come equipped with a mandarin sewer . i -- s serrie. -- >> [ unintelligible ] let's check the forecast. >> there's a little bit of fog air mass on the move record highs the last couple of days are going to become less prevalent. clear air for most of us is still out there as we look at the golden gate bridge from is
5:19 am
-- from sutro tower this morning. how about temperatures, how should you dress stepping out? 39 mountain view, livermore, mid to upper 30s north bay valleys. 47 antioch, oakland. everybody else in the low to mid 40s. monterey bay inland salinas mid 40s gilroy clear, cooler 39°. for today, mostly sunny, still mild even if we don't reach record temperatures it is still going to be warm. dangerous surf rolls in today hangs around through tomorrow, cooler friday, saturday another rebound in temperatures for sunday and monday, no mention of rain in our highlights. -- high clouds sunshine today, air mass on the move a little bit still going to be mild with 60 around san francisco,
5:20 am
richmond, half moon bay to low to mid 60s for everybody else one of the warmer areas could be livermore 67°. 62 monterey mid to upper 60s for the rest of the bay. high clouds and sunshine also could see more fog, low cloudiness take over the bay tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 30s around palo alto, fremont, con court vallejo mid to upper 30s -- concord, vallejo, mid to upper 30s. trifecta of high pressure too dominant we will get some of the high clouds and cold front to push warm air mass away all the cold air heading to our north. it will generate that system some pretty big waves they will come our way especially northwest facing beaches that's where we will have the dangerous waves a little erosion strong rip currents thanks to northwest swells 13
5:21 am
to 16 feet that started 6:00 this evening and hang around through noon. also going to be breezy tomorrow especially over bodies of water. low to mid 60s return saturday hang ought for -- hang out for the rest of the forecast. good morning. still can't find any big trouble spots for you. we'll show you a live shot of i-80 in berkeley you can see traffic flowing well westbound out of vallejo down to the bay bridge toll, delay-free. the north bay commute for drivers heading on 101 through san rafael look out for some of that valley fog are in pass of the north bay here it looks clear. 101 looks great along the peninsula down to san jose headlights move northbound that is 880 across your screen. there is an accident heading towards napa county airport. a jacknifed big rig on airport
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road at airport boulevard look out for that it could cause some flight delays if you are heading to that airport. being get more information any time you want by going to 5:22. next, scaling down. why shoppers will soon have a little less elbow room at a popular department store. pricey fish. why the diners who enjoy the meal coming from this tuna had been savor every bite. . and that's "america's money." i'm paula faris. i
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bloomingdale's is moving to a different location in the shopping center with a smaller store. the new location will be half the size of the current store. they've been at the shopping center for 14 years, macy's which owns bloomingdale's says the new store should open in two years. macy's announced a new bloomingdale's will open in livermore later this year both stores will feature a smaller format. it will cost raw fish connoisseurs a lot more. this 593 pound tuna fetched a record $736,000 in the first auction of the year at a renowned tokyo fish market. the price translates into $1200 a pound. also a record. the winning bid the president of a sushi restaurant chain who says he wants to help japan recover from last year's devastating tsunami and
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economic stag nation. that should help at that price you don't -- don't want to waste any bite. >> at that price i'll have the other tuna, thank you. new occupy face-off with riot police. next, the late night confrontation over a teepee that ended with several arrests. >> reporter: drama follows candidates to new hampshire. i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom. the republican contenders are getting down and dirty, calling names and digging up past actions in congress. retired lawman gives a burglar a lesson about picking the wrong house to rob. the greeting he got from a 90-year-old man. record high temperatures possible in the midwest today st. louis, 60°. 70 in miami. about 76 in phoenix. all across our great lower 48, major airports and smaller ones in california on time.
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check out our flight tracker, at the bottom.
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>> reporter: several occupy protesters have been arrested after a skirmish with police over a teepee. we are going to hear from one protester about the philosophical importance of that teepee. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in concord. residents say they are sick of the stink. a foul smell spreading through the streets of their neighborhood again. residents say they are in a very foul mood with good morning i'm mike nicco. a couple of weather headlines. fairly clear in san francisco, i'm tracking patchy fog. high waves are coming our way. we'll look and see if we can find any rain today. live shot of the golden gate bridge, much clearer this morning.
5:30 am
a little slowing right now in antioch, i'll show you how slow and drive times, coming up. 5:30 on this day morning thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. a few occupy oakland protesters remain at frank ogawa plaza after police swept them out before midnight making arrests and removing a symbol that took the place of tents. terry mcsweeney is there live. >> reporter: you are talking about the teepee they set up with the city's permission in november. the city pulled that permit on monday and last night police moved in. as you can see behind me, 12, 15 occupy oakland protesters still here. these are the ones who were not arrested. they say 21 were arrested police say several. here's what it looked like when it went down. >> . >> you have to leave here or go to jail. -- >> reporter: dozens of police
5:31 am
moved out here in riot gear as they say, this happened in a matter of moments policed hopped out of squad cars moved in grabbed the teepee and the table next to it and took it out of here the city says there were violations of the agreement, they were serving food, storing things in it, in violation of the permit conditions. did talk to one of the protesters this morning. he told me the significance of that teepee. >> it was a place to elope with eternity that kind of thing. representation of the spiritual conundrum of everyone which is to be alive and know when we'll die, perhaps. >> reporter: the stand off began in october when they set up tents police tore the tents
5:32 am
down they set up again middle of november police moved in and tore the tents down. couple weeks later they got a permit for that teepee. the city says they violated the agreement and moved in last night. going forward, according to a couple of the protesters i tacked to this morning at 2:00 this afternoon -- i talked to this morning at 2:00 this afternoon, they intend to occupy oakland city hall. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. some concord residents raising a stink over the return of a nauseating smell near the old naval weapons station. amy hollyfield is live near the site. we thought this was fixed last fall. >> reporter: i know. it smelled terrible in november. i doesn't smell as bad in time. i will tell you that. last time we carried the smell around inside our news van, it really lingered. not so bad this morning they say it has been bad the last couple of days.
5:33 am
the oil that has leaked may have migrated to people's private property. the pipeline that has been leak something located on the former concord naval weapons station crews found a leak in november when that awful smell over took the neighborhood. now the smell is back. conoco phillips told us the company is doing maintenance work residents say when the crews move dirt it really stinks. conoco phillips called people and played a recorded message. >> i could smell it in the air. as soon as they take the earth away interest what it was covering up, it comes out. >> reporter: the smell is being described as noticeable this time. it was unbearable in november, sending some raising to get into a hotel or stay with friends and family. they couldn't bear to be in their own homes. the bay area air quality management district issued a public nuisance violation to conoco phillips in november.
5:34 am
now they are saying the oil may be spreading to people's prop. instead of being annoyed they are -- concerned and they want answers. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this morning a 90-year-old man and burglary suspect are both in stable condition at marin general. the elderly man shot a 30-year-old three times after the suspect broke into his greenbrae home yesterday morning. the suspect shot the homeowner in the face. leone is a former law enforcement agent and world war ii vet. his friends say he's physically fit and doesn't look or act 90. it has been more than 30 hours as far as we know a burglary system is still somewhere on -- suspect is still somewhere on telegraph hill.
5:35 am
the suspect who call himself dan ran on to the hill tuesday night after an unsuccessful home burglary. officers have been driving patrols past the area trying to make contact with him. >> new head of pg&e is promising to never have another power outage at candlestick park ever again. anthony farley says he was so embarrassed when the lights went out twice while he attended the game between the 49ers and steelers. he was a guest in the owner's suite. pg&e has been making the needed repairs and inspecting everything thoroughly. 9ers earned a buy and will host playoff game next saturday. east palo alto officials will look into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against menlo park-based facebook over the company's expansion plans. facebook took over the building in menlo park hand has plans to accommodate 10,000 employees on two
5:36 am
campuses. city officials are worried that facebook employees will move in and displace the city's current residents. also concerned about increased traffic and reduced air quality. the council will be briefed on the potential lawsuit during a closed door meeting at 12:30. this evening maverick surf contest organizers are holding a meeting to outline rules for spectators. for the first time spectators won't be allowed on the beach or bluffs during the competition. public viewing will be available at a nearby hotel and on live closed circuit tv. two years ago huge waves knocked over spectators on the beach. tomorrow an opening ceremony will be held with two dozen of world's best surfers. the contest will only occur if swell and weather conditions are right it can happen any time through the end of march. mike has a look at the forecast. any guesses as to when they would be able to surf?
5:37 am
>> the swells will be big enough, high surf advisory from 6:00 this evening through noon tomorrow northwest swells 13 to 16 feet our northwest facing beaches are going to bear the wrath of this strong event with rip currents and possible sneaker waves, right now waves 10 to 11 feet not as bad as they are going to get. we have very isolated fog just like yesterday. half mile novato, two santa rosa, five napa, eight half moon bay everybody else okay, winds calm around three miles per hour the fastest around half moon bay, sfo, hayward, oakland, fairfield and napa, variable too. 30s and 40s how we start out this thursday, clouds and sunshine by noon in the mid 50s to 60 at livermore by 4:00, not as many records, if any
5:38 am
today, cooler still mild with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. your accuweather seven day forecast more of the same through wednesday except it will be breezy tomorrow. here's a slow spot in the bay area westbound 4 out of antioch, no real surprise. the speed sensors are down to 18 mile as hour from lone tree towards somersville that stretch is heavy eastbound direction roadwork scheduled until 7:00 this morning as you make your way past somersville. hillcrest to 242 is 15 minutes i checked with our web producer he was saying a normal ride out of antioch. live shot of 680 walnut creek no other trouble at all. this is southbound traffic still looking good as you head towards highway 24 at the top
5:39 am
of your screen. 5:38. >> fewer troops in new places. the major shift in u.s. defense priorities that president obama is set to unveil this morning. >> reporter: santorum rises to second place iowa may be short-lived. he's now the target of criticism, also the target of a fundraisi it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love.
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fresh from his surprisingly strong showing in iowa, santorum is facing new criticism. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: the candidate in first place typically takes the most heat. santorum is in second place but his was such a shocking surge and virtual tie with mitt romney he's now the prime target. his opponents are bringing to light his history with earmarks. they say in his 16 years in congress he was quite the big spender. santorum says he was only trying to return state funds to pennsylvania. his supporters have raised almost a million dollars for his campaign since tuesday. >> a lot of energy we feel very good. >> reporter: santorum is not the only one under fire.
5:43 am
newt gingrich seems to have dropped his nice guy strategy. he called front-runner mitt romney a moderate to the left of the vast majority of republicans. this morning romney's campaigning at a boys and girls club in new hampshire. the gop candidates will debate in new hampshire this saturday. you can watch it live on/a(?$ a, starting at 6 p.m.. let's not forget the wild card john hints man. he did not campaign in iowa -- jon huntsman. he did not campaign in iowa. he's at a rot club this morning telling voters he's counting on new hampshire's tradition of moving an underdog from the back of the pack to the front. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:43. in just about three hours, president obama is expected to outline a major shift in u.s. defense priorities. the aim to streamline the military and reassess defense priorities in light of china's
5:44 am
rise and other global changes. the army will drop below half a million soldiers over the next 10 years, part of a 450 billion dollar cut. cuts are expected to the number of troops in europe and big weapons programs. the policy shift will move the u.s. further from its long-standing goal of being able to fight two major regional wars at the same time. 5:44. just got a sign from the government the job market continues to improve. bloomberg business report is coming up. the big changes students in california's community colleges could soon see. not a good parking spot. how a car ended up on the roof of an apartment. [ female announcer ] fashion or food, it's all about taste.
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low to mid 60s out to big sur, 50 eureka, near record warmth in tahoe 58, 57 yosemite l.a. 84°, five days in a row of 80s near 80 palm springs 75 san diego. 5:47 is our time. in utah this morning a shootout during a drug investigation has left a police officer dead and five other officers wounded. the shooting happened last night as anti-drug police tried to serve a search warrant in an ogden neighborhood. police officers from multiple
5:48 am
agencies were rushed to the hospital where one died other five have serious to critical injuries. the suspect is also at a local hospital under guard with nonlife-threatening injuries. no names released. organizers of the annual reno air show say the show will go on despite a deadly crash that killed 11. the september 16th, crash put the race's future into the head of the race association says organizers are moving forward with plans for this fall's competition. the association will be enlisting the help of experts to ensure safety. organizers say it is too early to tell if there will be changes to the format. a central valley man is in custody following an accident that didn't end well for him but gave us these pictures. officers say the driver was speeding in fresno's fog that's when he landed on this apartment building. he was driving in the fog in a
5:49 am
stolen vehicle, he missed a turn hit large rocks then a tree stump, the car went airborne and landed on the proof of this apartment billing the driver ran off with a broken leg. he was caught and arrested. a large crane was need get the car off the apartment. while organizers of the maverick's surf contest in half moon bay are hoping for big wave action, surfers in hawaii are riding high. crowds are enjoying waves as high as 35 feet along the outer reef on the famed north shore. sunset beach are laces where big waves can be found in the winter especially. one body surfer had to be rescued yesterday. officials have warned beachgoers to stay out of the water. >> what do you think the water temperature is there compared to here? >> definitely a little warmer. >> are those waves making
5:50 am
their way here? >> ours are coming from the northwest due to the storm, a different system definitely going to have high waves we have a high wave advisory for the coast from 6:00 this evening until noon tomorrow. high surf advisory technically is what it is. watch out for dangerous rip currents along our beaches during that timeframe. good morning, 5:40, beautiful looking down from sutro tower, a little fog, most confined to north bay valleys around novato is where we are finding the densest fog. as you look down from vollmer peak look how calm almost like glass the bay waters this morning. back to yesterday, second day in a row of record high temperatures. 72 santa rosa, 69 livermore, orange because that tied record highs napa airport, concord airport, oakland and move fit field set record highs yesterday. -- moffett field set record
5:51 am
highs yesterday. food, cool, right now 30s and 40s. we'll make our way possibly into the 50s and 60s again this afternoon, the likelihood of records a little less. mid to upper 40s, mid 40s monterey bay, salinas, 39 gilroy. we won't have record highs today, they are going to be mild under a mostly sunny sky dangerous surf today and tomorrow, cooler friday, saturday, warmer again for sunday and monday, no rain in our highlights. today low to mid 60s we'll go two to four december cooler than yesterday on the low end 60 half moon bay, san francisco, richmond, san rafael, 62 with vallejo and san mateo, everybody else in the mid four -- mid 60s to 67 in livermore, around the monterey bay 62 monterey, mid 60s for the rest of bay, mid to upper 60s inland. tonight we could see more cloud cover around the bay into the east bay valleys, coolest up north mid 30s to
5:52 am
around 40° we'll have upper 30s con cord, livermore, free -- here's a look at cold front that is stirring up those dangerous waves, triple area of high pressure trifecta still pushing the storms to the north keeping the rains out of our forecast the next seven days. anywhere up along our beaches except for south to southeast facing beaches around santa cruz unthat high surf advisory 6:00 this evening to noon tomorrow northwest swells 13 to 16 feet northwest beaches could see slight erosion for all of us strong rip currents appear impossible [ unintelligible ] tomorrow, kind of breezy, especially over bodies of water you can see the temperatures drop into the upper 50s to low 60s low to mid 60s return with plenty of sun saturday through wednesday. have a great day here's frances. those waves could be big on the coast but if you are
5:53 am
heading around the bay area, pretty quiet no traffic to cause any slowing at all. here's a live shot of the oakland maze and westbound 80 traffic looking good towards the bay bridge toll to the right of your screen problem-free 580 and 880 right now. north bay 101 in san rafael still fog-free as you make your way southbound there the right hand side past the marin civic center. san mateo bridge has been looking great all morning, 14 minutes still the drive time from 880 to 101 and vice versa. nice commute in the south bay delay-free ride northbound 280 for head lights and highway 17 across your screen. mass transit reporting no delays. now 5:53. the labor department just released latest jobless
5:54 am
numbers last week the number of people applying for benefits fell 15,000 to 372,000. analysts say if this keeps up the unemployment rate should fall. >> here's jane king with business news. >> possible job cuts at pepsico. the maker of pepsi, gatorade is considering laying off 4,000 and ending its 401(k) matching program, a pay freeze among options pepsico considering. shorter lines at the pump, u.s. gasoline sales during the christmas week plunged 14% the lowest in more than seven years. for all of 2011 consumption fell more than 1 1/2%. the average gas price climbed 6 1/2%. kodak shares plunging after the "wall street journal" reported it is preparing for a possible bankruptcy filing. netflix different, --
5:55 am
[ unintelligible ] 5:55. monday california community colleges will consider several changes in an effort to improve graduation and transfer rates. a panel will give recommendations to a statewide board of governors after studying low success rates by students for the past year at california's 112 community colleges. the task forces will give 22 recollection takes, among them designing -- recommendations among them designing statewide tests, requiring students to choose a major and making it mandatory that first year students begin remedial work immediately after starting school. also, linking statewide systems to track students from elementary school through college to better guide them towards a degree. your homeowner insurance
5:56 am
rates to rise because of the natural disasters last year. the natural disasters were financial disasters for many insurance companies. analysts say the paid out a 17 billion dollars in losses during the first half of last year. the insurance information institute says your homeowner insurance could go up four to five percent this year to help make up for those losses. in year the irs is giving taxpayers two extra days to get their income taxes turned in. typically april 15th, but the internal revenue service is pushing back the filing deadline to tuesday april 17th, because the 15th falls on a sunday and monday is emancipation day, a holiday in washington, d.c.. if you are an early bird and can't wait to file the irs will begin accepting returns online on january 17th.
5:57 am
you will not be freed from filing all together. >> oh no! just two days extra. just ahead, it is supposed to be the off-season. new worry that has calfire increasing staffing statewide. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. several occupy oakland protesters are waking up in jail this morning after another raid by police last night. this time, there's a different twist. i'll have it coming up. >> d -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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